Writing Articles For Money: How To Grab Your Audience Attention

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Writing Articles For Cash


There is cash to made writing articles for money, especially on the Internet.  One of the best opportunities to make money writing articles for money is in the field of search engine optimized keyword articles.


Over the last few years, this industry has exploded into a market worth hundreds of thousands of dollars for enterprising freelance writers.

Basically, this writing for cash opportunity works as follows:


Businesses want to attract as many visitors to their websites as possible, and the best way to attract visitors who wouldn’t otherwise come is through web searches.


These companies hire writers or article agencies to provide writers to write articles containing common keyword phrases that are related to their business.


When the company posts these articles on their website, anyone searching for these keyword phrases with search engines like Google or Bing ends up seeing the post at the top of their search results.


Writing Articles For Money


This increases the chances that people will click on their website.


Search engine optimized keyword articles are a great way to earn money writing for cash because the work is steady and usually very easy for experienced writers.


There is also a lot of demand.  On the flip side, this writing for cash option can often be very tedious and the per-word pay is extremely low.


However, once you get the hang of it and can start producing articles quickly, the per hour rate is dependent on how fast you as an individual writer produce and can be pretty decent.


Writing for money with these types of opportunities is by no means the road to fame and fortune as a writer.  However, if you wish to put your writing talents and abilities to use and make real money writing for cash, getting involved with SEO keyword articles is a great way to bring in some extra cash.


Writing Articles For Money

Article Writing Process


One of the toughest obstacles in article writing is actually starting the article writing process. No matter how many articles you write, sometimes you don’t know where to start.


Since article writing has become a form of marketing that almost anyone can do and afford, now is the time to take on this challenge head-on.


Creating an outline is one of the best methods to use when writing an article. Having an outline provides a foundation for your article. In other words, an outline gives you a starting point from which you can build it into a story. An outline will make the article writing process easier and faster.




To start off your outline, brainstorm and jot down your ideas. Set up about a 20-minute time frame and write freely. Try not to overthink when you are writing down your ideas. This process does not have to be formal so write freely. Think of some ideas you would like to cover and supporting points for that idea. Review your notes and now organize your outline.


Organize the Outline


When you organize your outline, identify and ensure the purpose of the article. The purpose of the article should help you figure out the introduction of your article.


Then identify key points of your article. Now that you have a frame for that article, you need to come up with ideas supporting those key points. Once you come up with more supporting material for your article, your outline is built and you’ll have an expectation of the length of the article.


After this process, you should have an outline of all of your paragraphs (i.e. the body of the article). You now need to outline a conclusion. The conclusion outline should be similar to the introduction of the outline and supportive of all the main points of the outline.


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Create the First Draft


Now you should have enough material for a first draft of the article. Your draft should be a similar process to your brainstorm… just write.


Don’t worry about being perfect. Think of it this way, no one will read your first draft. Plus, you will be refining the draft into an article. As you move through this process, you will see the article form.


Always refer to your outline and let it serve as the central point to your article. From experience, it is very easy to move away from the purpose of your article. Your outline will keep you on track with the purpose of the article.


An outline does not only provide you with a plan for your article, it serves as a way to get started with the writing process of your article.


Your outline skills will be something you will refine with practice. You’ll build momentum in creating the first draft of your article. You will eventually trust yourself and become a very productive tool in writing articles quickly and effectively.


writing articles for money online


Writing Effective Articles


When writing an article, make sure it’s directed to the person reading it. No one cares about what the author thinks, you want to get the job done. You don’t care about them. Make sure you don’t use words like “we, us, I” and use “you.” It keeps the article or tutorial personal.




Keep the grammar casual, but still good. Do you want to sift through a mass of spelling errors and run-on sentences trying to figure out what the author is saying?  No, of course, you don’t. No one does. Spell check it, grammar check it, read over it once. Make sure your readers can understand you.


When you read an article, usually you want to see some kind of concrete proof about something the author is talking about. If the article you’re reading is a tutorial, you want to see the result, right? So put it at the beginning. You don’t want to have to scroll down to see what the outcome of all your work is to decide you don’t like it. Put your examples at the top to show your readers.


Keep It Friendly


Make sure your readers aren’t bored. If you’re going to be writing a long article, might as well make it fun for them to read. You don’t want to read an article straight from a science journal (unless it is a science journal), and even then it should still be somewhat casual. Some science articles are interesting to read, simply because of how they’ve been written.

Put a spin on your writing. Make it your own, no one wants to read the same idea over and over again.


Bold Words


Bold words always help. So do lists, links, and quotes. Some readers like to skim for bold words to find what they are looking for to save time, help them get to the point.




Always have an awesome conclusion that wraps up your work nicely. So if they want to skip that boring part of your article, you can hope they’ll read that nice summarized conclusion. Make the article personal, use lots of examples and styled text to make the article easier for the user, watch your grammar, and make the article your own and have fun with it!