How To Write An eBook Super Fast And Sell It For Profit In 48 Hours

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Make Money Writing eBooks


How to write an eBook super fast is a question often asked by new writers.  You would not know how long it takes to write a book unless you’re a seasoned writer. You may believe that writing every day is a monumental task. But, writing regularly is the “secret” to make money writing eBooks.


As a result, writing frequently entails writing consistently. Because writing is all about numbers, no successful writer has ever made a lot of money by writing just one or two books.


As a result, the more books you write, the more sales you may expect.


Furthermore, if you merely write one book and sell one copy per day, depending on the book’s pricing and profit margin, you’ll make a few dollars every day.


Write Ebooks Fast


For example, if you publish an eBook (or a Kindle book) and make a $2 commission on each sale, one sale each day will net you $2.


But what if you write ten eBooks in total?


If you could sell one eBook per day, that’s 10 sales per day or $20 per day at a profit of $2 per sale.


Therefore, if you raise the number of books you write and publish to 20 eBooks, you’ll make 20 times your $2 per day, or $40 per day (which, when multiplied by 365 days a year, becomes $14,600 per year).


This means you are not being paid by the hour, this is passive income, meaning you don’t have to work every day to earn it.


Consider what might happen if you had the power to quickly write ebooks.


Consider the possibility of creating an eBook in just two days.


To be able to do this consistently takes willpower and consistency.  It will take a lot of practice, but the more you do it, the easier it will get to write faster.  It may take longer at first if you’ve never authored and published an eBook before.


Everything will be easier and faster once you’ve done it a few times because you’ll have a routine, you’ll know how to start planning and writing the book, and you’ll know how to utilize all of your online experience and expertise, so that all you have to do now is write, proofread, publish, and repeat.


Writing Ebooks For Money


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Make Money Writing Ebooks For Kindle


What is a good price for an eBook?

As Amazon provides higher royalties for books priced between $2.99 and $9.99, this is a good price range to stay start with.  In fact, the most popular purchased ebooks range from $2.99 to $3.99, with $3.99 being the hottest price tag.

The royalty rate you get paid from Amazon for eBooks is 70% of the retail price if the price of your eBook is between $2.99 and $9.99. If your book is priced between $0.01 and $2.98 or greater than $9.99, you get paid 35% royalties. Therefore for every $2.99 eBook, you sell you earn $2.00.


Assuming your targeted earnings of $2 profit per book per day. If you sell one copy of each eBook per day, you could easily boost your production to 50 eBooks per year, resulting in a daily income of $100 (50 sales x $2/sale) and annual revenue of $36,500 (365 days x $100/day). This is a completely passive source of income.


Writing Ebooks For Money


Before you can publish ten, thirty, or even a hundred eBooks, you must first be able to write them quickly.

It’s straightforward, as you’ll see because an eBook can be created in as little as two days if you have the right structure in place.


If you often produce and publish eBooks, you’ll be aware of how quickly they can be written and released.


If you already know what you want to write about and have an outline prepared, writing eBooks for money in two days is possible.


One important point to keep in mind is that the two days must be consecutive or you may lose your stream of thinking.


What eBooks sell best


Set aside two days to write your ebook. 


Setting aside two days per week to write a book is the perfect scenario.


You’d be able to consistently write one book per week in this manner. By the end of next year, you’ll have 50 eBooks published.


The convenience of eBooks is that they can be published fast, allowing you to finish one and move on to the next.

Your two days of writing will be cut in half because you’ll just be writing for four hours each day.


Here’s how to divide your time:


A typical “how-to” eBook or novella should be around 20,000 words long (a short fiction book).


So, if you were writing for 8 hours (four hours per day, two days per week), you would have to type 2,500 words every hour (2,500 words per hour x eight hours = 20,000 words).


You’ll achieve 41.66 words per minute if you divide 2,500 words per hour by 60 (because each hour is divided into 60 minutes).


Since the average professional typist can reach 50 to 80 wpm, 41 words per minute are quite doable.


Even if you employ a proofreading and cover designer (which you can outsource at places like FIVERR to save time), the total time spent is only 2 and a half days.


This means you can easily write and publish one eBook per week while still having free time, which equates to selling 50 to 52 eBooks online in a year.


Furthermore, if you’ve created and released a large number of eBooks, you’ll most likely sell a large number of them every day, boosting your earnings substantially.


What eBooks sell best?

These are some of the top five selling eBooks categories on Amazon:

  • Religion and Spirituality.
  • Biographies and Memoirs.
  • Business and Money.
  • Self Help.
  • Cookbooks, food, and vine.


    How do I make and sell an eBook?

    The key to make and sell an eBook is to write simply and clearly

    1. Create Your eBook.
    2. Format Your eBook.
    3. Get Your eBook
    4. Get a Cover that Sells.
    5. Convert Your eBook.
    6. Add Your eBook to your Website or Amazon Kindle.
    7. Promote Your eBook.
    8. Keep Track of Your Sales.
    9. Rinse and Repeat


    How much does it cost to publish a book on Amazon?


    Publishing on Amazon is free.  All you have to do is create a publishing account with Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and upload your book. Once you publish, you are in competition with others in the marketplace.


    Isn’t it fantastic that this approach can generate a sizable sum of passive income with only two days of effort every week part-time? Yes, it’s now your turn to make money writing and publishing on Amazon Kindle Publishing.


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