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14 Great Tips On How To Market Your Articles

14 Great Tips On How To Market Your Articles 1

Article Marketing


What can article marketing do for you? Well, using article marketing to promote your product and services can bring you a lot of success. Here are 14 great tips on how to market your articles and get great rewards from them:

1. Make sure the category you’ve selected is a profitable niche and you know a little bit about that category you’ve chosen. Article writing for money can be lucrative if you choose topics that are both money makers and fit in with your strengths. Book reviews site may make a lot more money than your average site, but if you never ever read books, then it’s not the area for you.


2. Think about the topics that you want to write about. Search out the popularity of your keywords before writing them and posting an article. It may be that the main keyword you want to concentrate on, may be incredibly popular and as such hard to rank in.

Try finding a related but slightly less popular keyword, and write your article to use the new less competitive keyword. A quality piece on a less popular keyword will rise in the ranks much faster than an article with a keyword that everyone is trying to rank with.


3. Participate in as many forums as you have time for. If you do not think that you have the time to do it, make the time. You will get a great deal of input about what people are interested in, and it will help you find the information to include in the articles that you are marketing.

Tips on Article Marketing


4. You should spend sufficient time in keyword research. Use Keyword research tools, they are powerful aids in any article marketing campaign, but you do not need to buy one.

While keyword research tools and services are available for sale – most costing over 100 dollars – the experienced article writer does not need to spend money. The free tools available online such as Google trands, Google Keyword Researcher,Keywordtool and Ubbersuggest by Neil Patel are all more than adequate for the article writer’s needs.


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5. Keywords are an important element when it comes to successful article marketing. It’s important to choose the right ones. Many companies offer services which at a cost Google Keyword Tool gives an excellent result for free.


6. Make sure that you are writing articles that fits in with the title you have provided for the piece. Nothing is more frustrating to a consumer than when they are searching for information, they wind up on a page that has nothing to do with what they need. Keep everything relevant, and you will keep your audience happy.


7. When you write articles, don’t ramble on and on. People who are looking for a product or service online don’t want to spend a lot of time trying to figure out what they are looking at. A good marketing article to sell a product or service should be 350 – 800 words. However if you want to write an article to rank in Google then you must aim for 1500 – 2000 words minimum. It should convey a well reserached and a clear message to the reader.


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8. Article marketing can be used as a creative outlet for those who like to write things. Not only can they earn some money from it but it will help them practice their writing skills so they can improve upon them. Choosing to do article marketing in one’s free time can offer many benefits. There are many article writing jobs online and all you have to do is to search for companies such as,,, or to find freelance work.


9. A streamlined approach to writing is best. People do not want to read irrelevant fact so stay with exact information and build a reputation for sharp, clear work that readers will appreciate.


10. The aim of your article is to create enough interest in your audience to get them to click your link and visit your website or your landing page. There’s a big difference here that a lot of people neglect.


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11. A good tip is to make sure you put a link to your site at the end of your article. This is pretty much the reason why you write the articles in the first place. Just make sure that your content has some value to your readers.


12. Promote your own articles. There is no need to wait for people to come to you when you can go to them. Inserts links into your articles on your social-media sites, users on loves sharing. That’s the quickest way to get your article shared amongst their friends, family and their followers.


13. Consistency in your writing will generate far better results than occasional blitzes of articles. Maintain a steady stream of content to keep yourself out there and generate constant traffic and leads. Over time, you may want to hire someone to help write or upload articles for your various campaigns on a regular basis.


14. Never include the phrase “in conclusion” in article’s conclusion. This implies to your readers to move on to another site because they will know your article is coming to an end. It’s important to summarise your article, but do it without using the word “conclusion”. They will find the author resource box, if they keep reading, and learn more about you.


Article writing for traffic can help you in several ways, including increasing your website traffic, enhancing your online reputation and improving your relationship with your prospective clients. This article provides valuable guidance that can help you get started with article marketing.  For help with your article writing contact us here, use the code: 50OffJanSale to get your article written for you.


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