Selling On Ebay: Best Items To Resell For Profits

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How To Sell On eBay


Have you tried selling on eBay? if you are searching for the best items to resell for profits on eBay then here are a few simple steps to get you started.


Sign in to eBay, then open the page so that you do a search for your item keyword. On the right-hand side column look for the “Best Match”, this is where some of the top-selling items will be.


On the left-hand side Column scroll down and you will see completed listing and sold listing. Sold will be in Green and Not Sold will be in Black. Click on a Completed listing to see what was sold and not sold. Was there a lot of unsold?  How many of these items were successfully sold and at what price?



Also, check these products to find out the price of the Sold vs Not Sold items. What were the pictures like, the title, and the description? Did the unsold listing have a good or bad title, how were the pictures? Were there any standout descriptions?


Check the sold items, what did they have in common? What was the price, how good was the picture, and most importantly how compelling were the titles and the descriptions?


Also, check for trending items. Search for the letter “a” and then any product with the letter “a” will appear. You can then stroll through the listing to see what sold, look for any similarities and trends. You may spot a winner here.


Selling On Ebay

Best Things To Sell in eBay


Having completed your research, if you are still wondering what’s the best items to resell for profits, don’t fret, we’ve completed in-depth research for you. We’ve researched the entire web for information and we’ve looked at’s own research for growth opportunity products.


We can tell you what is going to be the best items to resell for profits on eBay.  Selling on eBay is an art and if you can get the product resourcing right with a healthy margin you will make a profit.


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Let’s look at Women Coats and Jackets. Very popular search terms on the internet but the competition is very high with some very large companies with money to burn. However, if you can find the right product you will make profits.



Women Jackets

Women Jackets return a monthly search volume of:

Volume: 23,600/mo, a CPC of $0.73 and Competition: 1 (Very High)

On average sold for £21.35 plus £4.53 postage (last 12 months)


Women Coats

Volume: 246,000/mo with a CPC: $0.77 and Competition: 1 (Very High)

On average sold for £24.60 plus £5.01 postage (last 12 months)


A huge monthly searches for women coats and women jackets however, the competition is stiff. So our research will narrow down to help you choose a winner for the autumn-winter 4th quarter season to resell for profit.


Sell on eBay

Trending Searches  on Google Trend


Through google trend, we identify great opportunities in Women Coats and Jackets.

See the screenshots


women coats


The screenshot shows you the trend over the last 5 years. There is a gradual peak as you come up to December. There is an upward trend from late summer through September till it peaks at Black Friday and Cyber Monday’s shopping spree, then the three weeks up to Christmas.


women jackets


The trends for jackets are very similar to coats without definite peaks.


women coats and jackets


The beauty of this chart is that you can visually see an upward trend from 2004 till now.


The worldwide market value for coats and jackets is estimated to be worth a whopping 94.5 billion US dollars according to the research company Statista.



womens coat sales


So, with all these wonderful statistics, what is the best items to resell for profits this autumn-winter?


According to eBay research, the following are the brands that sell well. The higher the score, the more demand there is for an item.


Selling On Ebay

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Best Items To Sell On eBay In 2020

How To Become A Top Seller On eBay

Profitable Things To Sell On eBay:

Top Brand With the Greatest Growth opportunity

1 Joules 72
2 Topshop 66
3 River Island 65
4 Primark 63
5 Zara 63
6 Ted Baker 62
7 Marks and Spencer 62
8 All Saints 61
9 Evans 61
10 Very 60


The Best Colour to guarantee quick sales

Growth opportunity score

1 Yellow 54
2 Ivory 52
3 Blue 52
4 Pink 49
5 Green 46
6 Black 45
7 Gold 45
8 White 44
9 Beige 43
10 Grey 41


The Best Style to look for

Growth opportunity score

1 Distressed 68
2 Kimono 57
3 Denim Jacket 55
4 Blazer 54
5 Oversized 50
6 Raincoat 48
7 Bomber 48
8 Hoodie 47
9 Poncho 44
10 Shrug 42


What Material sells best

Growth opportunity score

1 Jersey 67
2 Linen 56
3 Denim 55
4 Sequin 55
5 Tweed 51
6 PVC 50
7 Viscose 49
8 Linen Blend 49
9 Polyester 46
10 Faux Suede 45


Selling On Ebay


So, taking everything into account


The top combination to guarantee you quick sales we think is:


• Brand: AllSaints
• Colour: Black
• Style: Biker Jacket
• Age Group: Adult
• Material: Leather


AllSaints Black Jacket


You can see one of these jackets was sold on the 30 August (used) at £120.


AllSaints Cargo Leather Jacket


Now look at a similar jacket being sold now for £60


allsaints jacket


That’s £60 profits before eBay and PayPal fees. Not bad for a quick retail arbitrage.

So, there you have it, go out there and start searching for an Adult All Saints Black Adults Leather Jacket to resell for profits on eBay. Good luck!

Selling On Ebay


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