How To Use Images On Your Blog To Boost Website Traffic

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Use Images On Your Blog


Studies have shown that readers are often much more interested in blogs that offer pictures. Blogs that use images are shown to be read more often than those with a plain block of text. If you are looking for an interesting way to boost traffic to your site, you might want to think about using images on your blog.


Adding pictures to your blog is typically not a hard task. Most blogging programs will have a Media library where you can quickly and easily add pictures from your storage files.


Keep in mind that if you are involved in a program such as Google AdSense, pictures won’t always correspond as well for your ads as the text will. Overall, pictures provide readers with a better understanding of what you are trying to convey over your blog.

High Performance Pinterest images

Boost Website Traffic


One guaranteed way to boost traffic on your blog is to create a blog with a high level of “scanability”. When your blog can be easily scanned for content, viewers are more likely to want to visit your blog again.


Experts say that it takes almost 25% more energy for the eyes and brain to read words on a computer in contrast with reading them on paper. Although readers may not know it, they are likely to read much less on their computer screen. This is because it takes longer to read the words and uses up more energy.


Seventy-nine per cent of the people who read your blog will not read it word for word. They will simply scan through it looking for your main points. They almost always read the headlines and look at the pictures.


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Pictures always help make your blog more easily scanned because they offer a break for the eyes and the brain. The eyes and brain will look at the picture differently than they look at words on a blog.


Offering the eyes and brain a “break” will allow your blog to be scanned easily. This will help the readability of your blog post which in turn will bring back your readers to your blog more often.

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Pictures For Blog Posts


Bloggers tend to do is go on and on about one thing endlessly. It is important to limit each paragraph to no more than three to four lines, it stops your readers from getting bored with your text.


To avoid losing a reader’s interest, you can shorten posts and bring your main point to the forefront. You can also add videos to your blog post.  Adding videos is the perfect way to keep the interest of your readers for a few more minutes on your site.


If you are talking about a lovely plant you have grown in your garden or an unusual looking dog you just adopted, consider adding a picture of it to your blog.


You would be surprised at how much more traffic you can bring to your site. People will be able to connect more with you about the subject you are posting about. They will be able to laugh with you at pictures you find funny and admire those that you treasure. You will be maintaining a “friendship” with your readers through your pictures for your blog posts.



If you want to add pictures to your blog, you may ask yourself where to find images for your blog post?  You don’t even have to invest in a digital camera, you can use your phone. This will make putting the pictures onto your computer a much easier task, to begin with.


After you master this task, read the “help” information on your blogging software to understand how you need to add the pictures to your blog. Pay special attention to any size requirements or suggestions. Don’t forget to add an Alt tag and description of the image to help Google crawling bots to know what the picture is about.


Some blogs will only allow a specific amount of space for graphics, so you will need to be aware of that amount. Also, look at plugins such as, EWWW Image Optimizer or Compress JPEG & PNG images that will compress your images to stop slowing your site speed.


Adding images and videos to your blog is a great way to allow your blog to be easily scanned and to keep the interest of your readers. When you do use pictures, you will see improvements easily in your bounce rate.


Your readers will return to see what you have to say, and new visitors will be interested and entertained. By connecting with those who read your blog via pictures, you will be building lasting relationships with your readers. Just be careful about what types of pictures you add.


images for websites and blogs


Free Images For Your Blog


You should not post someone on your blog without their permission so if you are posting a photo of someone you know, be sure to ask them first.


If you are not good with picture taking, how about using some of the free images for your blog online.  You can use creative commons image sites like Pixabay.  They have over 1.8 million-plus worth of royalty-free images and videos you can use on your website.


Use beautiful and relevant images to tell your story and make your blog post interesting for your reader and they will come back over and over again.


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