Coupon Namecheap: Best Web Hosting Online From Only $0.99 A Month

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Web hosting from only $0.99 a month

You can save money on Shared Hosting today.  It’s cPanel-based and perfect for small to medium websites, grab your Coupon Namecheap now.


Use promo code:  HOST21TS6  for Stellar Shared Hosting plans 65% off


Cheap Web Hosting


Shared Hosting




That’s $0.99 a month


Buy Now

  • Up to 3 websites
  • Website Builder
  • 50 FREE PositiveSSLs

64% off

Shared Hosting

Stellar Plus




That’s $1.74 a month


Buy Now

  • Unlimited Websites
  • AutoBackup tool
  • 50 FREE PositiveSSLs


Namecheap Stella Hosting Plans



It’s easy to move your website to Namecheap.

Follow the hosting guides on cPanel site migration to get started.



How to transfer a domain

It’s never been easier to find better service, support, and discounts with one of the best hosting companies on the internet.  To get started:


  1. Check it

To see if your domain matches Namecheap’s basic domain transfer requirements, type it into the search field above.

  1. Prepare it

Familiarize yourself with the domain’s criteria and ask your current supplier for a transfer code.

  1. Submit it

Copy your transfer code, add it to your cart, and proceed to the checkout to complete your transaction.
Your domain transfer will be completed immediately, usually within 24 hours.


Every domain transfer means

Cheaper renewals

Benefit from Namecheap’s low prices every year

Experienced support

Relax and enjoy a worry-free client service.

The remaining months carried over


On top of the 1 year you get when you transfer, you will also get:

Security discounts

Get a Comodo PositiveSSL for $3.88

Flexible DNS for less

Choose from DNSSEC, Dynamic DNS, and PremiumDNS

Your personal information is kept private and confidential.

Free domain privacy forever


Namecheap Summer Deasls


Why transfer domains to Namecheap?

The answer is… easy!


Easy savings

You’ll save money on your annual renewals and get some of the best transfer prices on the market. It’s all part of Namecheap’s strategy to complement an already excellent service with savings – and to keep those savings coming.


Easy management

Namecheap makes transferring domains simple and not only that.  It also makes it simple to manage them. There are no cluttered upsells or complications in Namecheap’s checkout or Account Panel, so you can focus on what is important.


Easy consolidation

You can transfer all of your domains to Namecheap without any problem. You can manage all of your domains in one location and stop juggling several providers, contacts, and services.  You’ll find everything you require right here.

Easy 24/7 support

Get all the assistance and information you require, including concierge assistance during the transfer.
Thousands of users have received assistance from Namecheap superb Support Center with their domains.
Transfers are done correctly... all over the world. 

Best Hosting Plans
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Frequently asked questions answered by


If I transfer my domain, do I get to keep the time I have left with my previous provider?

Yes — all the time remaining with your previous provider will transfer to Namecheap, along with a 1-year renewal when you transfer*.

Is my domain eligible for transfer?

Simply enter your domain into the search bar on this page to check if it’s eligible for transfer. Don’t worry, nearly all domains are!

What domains can I transfer?

You can transfer any eligible domains you need to, but you get an especially great deal during this sale if you transfer the domains on offer in this sale.

How do I transfer my domain?

Follow our 3 easy steps to transfer a domain. Keep in mind that a domain transfer does not imply automatic DNS changes. The nameservers for your domain will remain the same after the transfer and will not be automatically switched to Namecheap DNS. Look at our detailed Knowledgebase guide to learn how to change your DNS settings.

How many domains can I transfer?

You can transfer up to 100 domains in total per business/household with the promo code TLD21TS6.

How many hosting packages can I claim?

You can claim a combined total of up to 20 Stellar or Stellar Plus hosting plans per household (use promo code HOST21TS6)

Can I transfer all of the TLD types on offer?

You can transfer up to 100 domains in total and mix and match how you want. TLD21TS6 works for all domains and can be used in as many transactions as required until the limit is reached.

Can I migrate/transfer my current website to Namecheap?

Migrating your site into Namecheap is completely free of charge, and we can guarantee fast cPanel-to-cPanel transfers for Shared Hosting. Any manual website migrations will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

How long does the migration of my hosting take, and how does it work?

Hosting migration usually takes less than 24 hours. However, it may take more time during Transfer Week due to increased interest. Our team is ready to answer all your questions and assist you in this process.”


Still, have questions about transfers?

Visit Namecheap Website at Domain Transfers FAQ and Hosting Transfer page for more information.


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Namecheap Siummer Sales



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