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Best Website Traffic Sources


In the internet marketing arena, there’s a saying that goes something like “Targeted Traffic is King.” As you know in order to make sales you have to have customers. How do you activate the fastest source of a traffic boost to your website?  The answer is by is via paid adverts.

On the internet, the only way to generate sales on your website is to find the fastest source of a traffic boost to your website, unless you want to wait months and years to generate search traffic.


How to get traffic to your website fast


Well, it CAN happen in several ways but, some traffic sources are worthless.  If you cannot start your journey with a paid ads, then social media traffic is the next fastest source of targeted traffic to your website.


Try social media if you want to enhance your blog’s traffic quickly. There may not be a better free alternative online.


Social media attracts a lot of visitors and depending on how you leverage it, you can obtain highly focused traffic.


How can I increase my social media traffic?


Here are six steps to getting your social media traffic up and running:

  1. Use Great Visuals to Inspire Your Audience.
  2. Make it simple to share your content.
  3. Improve your search engine optimization.
  4. Know when your audience is are online and engage them.
  5. Do some research on your competitors and adopt some of their techniques.


Seo Secrets Techniques


Search engine ranking is somewhat of a mystery and those who have figured out the “SEO secret” are the ones getting the massive results online. Links to other pages are good, keyword relevance is good, and selling something that a lot of people want is good too.


It is pointless getting lots of people to see your page if they are not interested in what you are selling. This brings up the concept of targeted web traffic. it means getting people who want what you’ve got to sell to your site and getting them to convert.


fastest source of traffic


Anyway, these “gurus” who have been at it for years like to give out helpful information (at a price) and tools that make it easier to come up with effective sales sites again at a price. But the onus is on you to get the right tools that will bring targeted web traffic to your website to achieve your marketing goals.


Perhaps the most worthless traffic source is the random chance that a person will type the URL of your website into the search engines. There’s very little chance of that happening.  So potential visitors need to know who you are or what your product is in order to make their way to your site.


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Target Keywords


Find a specific keyword that relates to your campaign that has less than 10,000 searches, then write 5 to 10 content-rich articles specifically for that keyword, post it online and develop backlinks and create authority.


Target keywords with a least 1000 searches a month with low competition and write several articles relating to that keywords to achieve success.  If these techniques are executed well, they should bring in lots of traffic to your website in a matter of days to weeks.


This may take some time and some trial and error however, if you want instant traffic to your website, look no further than Paid Traffic. That means you need to advertise in order to create web traffic.


Paid Advertising

Internet marketing is about advertising.   The higher you rank on the search engine for a given keyword the more people will visit your site.  In general,  people are lazy and don’t want to work to find what they want to find. It also makes sense because everyone thinks that the top results are the most applicable to what they want, and this is the idea. Ranking high on the search engine is the key to generating massive traffic.


Best Paid Traffic Sources


Paid Traffic is the fastest source of a traffic boost to your website and Pay Per Click advertisement is a technique, has been proven to work very fast in just a matter of weeks.  It can drive traffic to any website that has no traffic to a healthy flow of traffic dramatically.


What are the best traffic sources?


  1. Google Ads is a paid traffic source that still offers huge potential rewards, though the cost per click is often high.
  2. Facebook Ads.
  3. Pinterest Ads
  4. Instagram Shout
  5. LinkedIn Ads.
  6. Twitter Ads.


If you are willing to pay for traffic and cannot wait around for organic traffic, PPP is the answer. You can get a traffic boost to your website in under 6 hours with this method.


What type of keywords should you target with your PPC campaign?


You need the right list of keywords to achieve success with PPC.  These keywords must be the ones that your target audience is typing into their browsers.  Once you have the right set of keywords, you must write a compelling advertisement that will encourage your audience to click on it, then activate your campaign and the boom; watch the flow of traffic to your website.


Test to see if the keywords that you’ve chosen are working, you will need to install a tracking device such as Google Analytics or similar software to help you determine where your traffic is coming from and which keyword is converting.


You can track your result and refine the keywords to increase the quality of traffic that converts better and will increase your profit.


Ensure that you are sending clicks to the right location.  If you want the clicks to hit your landing page, make sure that the landing page has been optimized to welcome the traffic that is coming in and not being generally sent to the wrong place such as your home page.




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