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Get 10,000 visitors to your website over 30 days Free

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Get 10,000 visitors to your website over 30 days Free

I recently wrote an article about driving traffic to your blog and website. In essence the message was that you will never make money on your blog or website without any traffic. You need traffic and new quality traffic that keeps coming back.

However driving organic traffic to your blog or website has never been easy, until I found is a target driven traffic retailer that has partnered with a large advertising network that has a combined total of 20 million visitors per day. These visitors come from a combination of pop-under ads on established websites in various niches, as well as expired domain traffic.

When buying traffic in the internet marketing arena, it pays to buy authentically target driven traffic than to buy junk that will drive your campaign down.  When you buy traffic from, your campaign will be placed on the combination of established websites in numerous niches sites. gives their customers the best targeting options and flexibility, which is unique in internet marketing.

When you purchase a traffic, your campaign are displayed on these establishes websites according to the category and the visitor targeting that you chose until your target number of visitors is reached. traffic is a PPV (pay per visitor) traffic. The visitors are redirected to your website for maximum interaction so therefore an ad image and text is not necessary. is a PPV network that sends web traffic to your site from a mixture of expired domain traffic and pop-under traffic. These are real traffic. The traffic sends to your site is traffic that is routed through their tracking servers and will show up as a combination of referrer traffic and direct traffic. This is real traffic that would pass Google Adsense scrutiny.

The campaign will normally be set up within 24 hours, and once your site and ad is approved, you will start to see traffic to your site in within 24-48 hours. In case it’s been more than 48 hours and you have not seen any traffic, it’s best to contact customer support for a quick resolution.

The tracking link sends to you is from Google, and will track 100% of your visitors. However, because traffic is PPV traffic that is routed through internal servers, cannot guarantee every visitor they send you will register with the Google Analytics tracking code.  However most visitor tracking software will display your visitors in cPanel, AWStats,, Piwik, etc. If you have a cPanel enabled host, you should be able log in and check your traffic numbers directly. uses Google’s URL shortener,, to create a short link of your website and send traffic to it. This allows you to keep tabs on your traffic campaign through the short link, as well as see which countries your visitors are coming from. This link is sent to you as soon as we’ve started your campaign. does not use any bots or proxies to send traffic to your sites. The visitors you get are human visitors from websites in ad network. cannot guarantee a low bounce rate or a high time spent on site, but on average you will see a ~30% bounce rate and ~1 minute average time spent on site. traffic is much more affordable than other ad networks because web traffic from pop-under and expired domain visitors are easier and more cost effective to supply in large numbers. sends real people to your site from countries you specify and from similar websites to yours. Most importantly, you can test on your blog or website with a free 10,000 visitors to your site over 30 days ($30 value) absolutely free.

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