Computer Errors


Computer errors are very common and every computer user may face different kinds of issues so they should learn about the solutions to the most common computer problems and their solutions.


The common factors that cause problems in a computer are viruses, spyware, Trojan horses, adware, corrupted registry, faulty hardware, low memory, low capacity hard disk, low CPU speed and stuffing computers with a large number of software applications. In this article, I have compiled a list of the most common computer problems and their solutions.


Computer Very Slow


This is the very common issue and it arises due to the several factors such as too many programs running at the startup, low RAM, low processor speed, spyware running as a background application, errors in the Windows registry and the buildup of the garbage files on the hard disk.


Scanning your computer with an up-to-date antivirus and anti spyware program, cleaning and repairing Windows registry, increasing memory, deleting temporary files, deselecting the programs at startup and uninstalling unwanted software applications can solve this problem to a very large extent.


common computer problems


Network Server is not accessible


In a networked environment, every computer depends on the server for login authentication, files access, the internet and printing access and sharing server resources. The downtime and the communication failure with the server are very problematic and frustrating for the users.


Check both ends of the network cable and make sure that the attached RJ-45 connectors are properly plugged into the LAN card and hub/switch. Ping the server’s IP and make sure you get the reply from the server. Ensure that your server is on and working fine. A large number of the running applications on the server and simultaneous access to the server from a number of users can slow down the performance and speed of the server.


Scan your PC with an up-to-date antivirus program because certain viruses and spyware are responsible for the communication failure. Replace your LAN card with a new one and assign different IP address and try to connect to the server.


Computer locks up or freezes


Missing .dll files, viruses, faulty registry, defective RAM and spyware slows down the performance of the server and it locks up frequently. Scanning PC with the antivirus and antispyware program, cleaning and repairing registry and increasing RAM can solve this issue.


Computer won’t boot


Faulty power cable, power extension, and power supply all contribute to this problem. Checking one by one each of the above components can pinpoint the problematic part. Simply replace that part with new one and you’re the computer is okay.


Computer reboots itself


Defective cooling fan, power supply, RAM, viruses, and spyware can cause this to happen.


computer errors


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Memory usage is maximum in computer


Either the memory is less than the recommend memory to run certain applications, swap memory chips with each other, scan your computer for viruses and spyware, increasing the page file and physical memory can overcome this problem.


Browser’s home page has changed itself


This is most likely a spyware problem and scanning the computer with an up-to-date anti-spyware program can fix this issue.


Computer’s clock losing time


If you see that your computer’s clock is losing time frequently replace your CMOS battery.


My computer can’t get connected to the internet


Check IP address, gateway address, scan your PC for viruses and spyware, check network cables and make sure that server’s or gateway’s firewall application is not blocking HTTP requests from your PC.


Computer making noises


Faulty RAM, VGA, hard disk, Sound card, Processor and other components produce noises. Make sure that each hardware device is properly connected inside the PC and if the problem is still not resolved then replace the faulty hardware component with new one.


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