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Monogram Cake Toppers

Monogram Cake Toppers

A monogram is a design made up of one or more letters, usually the initials from someone’s name. Monogram cake toppers are becoming increasingly popular at wedding events. The are pieces that sit atop the cake on display, usually initials that signify some trait of the bride and groom. Before choosing whether to incorporate these into your wedding cake and how, here are some things you should consider.


Formal or Contemporary Monogram Cake Toppers


You can get really fancy when it comes to monogram cake toppers. The two most common lettering styles are formal and contemporary.


Formal style is usually synonymous with calligraphic or script letters. Formal styled toppers are a little more feminine and lean towards the style of the bride. They are elegant and fancy.


Contemporary style cake decors are modern and less fancy in their styling. They are easier to read and can contain elements of formal styled monogram cake toppers, such as a curl at the end of the letters without the letters themselves being in script, formal style. The contemporary type will most likely be ideal for representing both the bride and groom on the cake.


Make a decision to either purchase a formal style or a contemporary style cake topper based on you and/or the groom’s personal style.


Letters to Use-Creative Ideas


The next decision to ponder is which letters you want to top your cake, why, and how many there will be.


Basically, these will be composed of either the first letter of the couple’s new common last name or the first initials of both the bride and groom’s first names. Everyone at the wedding should be able to figure that out.


But what about something a little more innovative. Maybe you could include the initials of the first day you met. N199 could stand for November 1, 1999 for example. Your guests will probably ask you the significance of the letters, and you can use it as a conversation starter.


Or maybe the initials represent an inside joke that only you and your hubby are privvy to. In that case you could just leave the initials on your monogram cake toppers a secret.


Color and Accents


Crystal cake decors are absolutely gorgeous when sitting atop a perfectly decorated wedding cake. They shine and glimmer, wowing your guests as they file past. It is one of those items that makes you not want to even touch the cake. But it’s probably just too good not to taste.


They come in monogram letters as well. Watch that cake with Swarovski crystal toppers closely, it may be too pretty to resist for Cousin Sally with the “sticky fingers.”


You can choose from many several different colors for your crystal cake toppers that will match your theme.


You can’t get any better than a Swarovski crystal cake topper at the peak of your cake’s mountainous beauty. Don’t hesitate to add monogram cake toppers to your list of things to purchase for your elegant wedding affair.


Ashley Rader is the owner of Moments of Elegance, an online wedding boutique specializing in wedding cake toppers, wedding decors and a huge collection of unique wedding favor ideas that will say thank you with style and will truly make your event unforgettable. Event planners can receive 10% off their order with coupon code: saveonfavors10.

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