How To Make Money Writing eBooks

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How To Make Money Online Writing eBooks


By Ruth Barringham


I’ve been a writer for a long time and digital publishing (eBooks) is a way that I’ve earned a lot of my income. I publish webpage content, blog posts and eBooks. All three can be done easily and for free, if you know how to do it.

Writing and publishing eBooks is a great way to earn money from your writing because you can write them on your computer then digitally publish them. This leaves you free to keep on writing more eBooks.

You can also earn money online by selling other people’s eBooks.

There are several ways to make money online, whether you have your own books to sell or not.

But without your own eBooks, you’re not completely in control of what you’re doing.


How To Make Money Writing Ebooks


I’ve been an affiliate marketer for years and find it an easy and enjoyable way to earn money.

But because I’m selling eBooks that aren’t mine, I have no control over them.

I was once promoting an affiliate product which was an eBook course on how to be persuasive.

I was happily marketing it to writers who lacked confidence and told them how this product could help them write more persuasive sales pages so they could sell more books.

Everything was going well with this course for a couple of years and I was making regular sales.

Then one day, when I was checking the links on my website, I discovered that the links to this product were broken.

I checked it out and guess what? The product had been withdrawn from the market and was no longer available.

How long it had been gone I didn’t know, and I couldn’t understand why because it was a consistent seller. But now it was gone and there was nothing I could do except removing all the material about it from my website.

That’s why it’s better to have your own eBooks to sell.


Write Your Own eBooks


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Make Money Online Writing eBooks


Write Your Own eBooks.


eBooks are great because they only need to be written once and they can be sold over and over, AND, the whole selling process can be automated so that customers buy and download your eBooks without you having to do anything – and you earn money from every sale automatically too.

And even if you’ve never written an eBook before it’s still possible to write your own.


Where to Get Ideas


You can write a book on any subject that interests readers. You can even write a book about what you do online.

If you want more ideas you can browse your local library, magazines, blogs, or you can browse (on Amazon) similar books to the one you want to write to get more ideas of what to include in yours. Readers’ reviews are a great source of information of what readers liked and (most importantly) what they didn’t like about the book. It’s surprising how many ideas you can get once you start browsing books online.

Some authors use their own websites as inspiration and re-write all their online content and expand their articles into eBook chapters.

Other eBook authors do it the other way around. They write their eBook and reduce each chapter to an article to put on their website to help promote it.


Selling Your eBook


Selling Your eBook


Once your eBook is written and published you need to spend some time marketing it.

It’s best to have a marketing plan before you write your book because it saves time later and you can also pre-market it so that people are eager to buy it as soon as it’s available.

And your eBooks don’t have to be huge. Some authors earn money from writing only 20 to 30 pages and selling them as 99cent Kindle eBooks. And what they find is that as long as the book is packed with inspirational and useable information, or they’ve written an entrancing piece of fiction, readers love their eBooks so they keep buying more.

And if you can’t write a book yourself you can always outline your chapters and hire a freelance writer to write it for you.

But whichever way you choose to do it, having your own eBooks to sell is a win-win.

You win because you make money automatically and your customers win because they buy a great eBook and have instant access to it.

So don’t wait any longer.


Start writing and publishing great eBooks


Start writing and publishing great eBooks


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