How To Write Good Articles: Tips For Better Content

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Tips for Writing a Great Article

When it comes to How To Write Good Articles online nowadays, almost anyone can do it, and it’s not uncommon. Clarity and usefulness are two of the most critical characteristics of quality article writing.


When it comes to article writing, it’s not about “if” you should write, but rather “what” you should write about and “how often.” Is it time now time to stop blogging and start writing articles.


What is A Blog Article?


The difference between article writing and blog writing is that a blog is written with a casual tone, as opposed to article writing which is a writing style that is more complex and sophisticated with data and evidence-based arguments.

Blogs and other types of online journaling, whether for personal expression, thoughts, or technical writing, have considerably boosted the amount of writing people perform online currently.  But, if you want more bang for your bucks, start writing articles.


After that, it’s all down to your writing skills. To produce a successful article, you don’t have to struggle as much as you may expect.  The reason behind this is as follows.

The writing of articles is a high-profile task so:

  • Remove all distractions.
  • Keep a list of potential ideas on hand.
  • Conduct thorough research.
  • Keep it as simple as possible.
  • Make use of bullet points when writing.
  • After you’ve finished writing, revise it.
  • Proofread several times and publish.

How To Write Good Articles


Is Article Writing Formal Or Informal?


There is a distinction between formal and informal writing styles. Even though a report is a more formal document than an article, the two are commonly confused. Depending on the audience, they may be formal or informal.


Articles typically feature the author’s own words and ideas, backed up by concrete examples and data. However, not to be mistaken with blogging, article writing is more formal than blog writing.


Articles are evolving from blog postings.


If you want to get found on Google, it is now standard practice to have a 2,000-word article on your site.


A good source of revenue is writing articles.  Some reputable businesses and newspapers will pay up to $1 per word for your work.


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Business Related Articles


Businesses are increasingly seeking business articles that emphasise their brand authority and what they are all about to distinguish their website from the swarms of low-quality blog sites.


The good news is that they are willing to pay a premium for this service.


Regardless of what you write, there are a few things you can do to make your posts stand out from the rest of the online clutter.


When writing an article, think of it as a commercial.


Do Your Keyword research. Write your articles to take into account the search intention.  Always, keep in mind that most readers have a limited attention span, and therefore your post must immediately stimulate an interest.


Make your content concise and to the point.  Keep It Simple!


How To Write Good Articles


Web articles are not a good place for long-winded dissertations or lengthy chunks of information. They’re not going to be read, plain and simple.

  • You have only a few seconds to grab the audience’s attention, give them the information they’re looking for, and then wrap things up.
  • Organize your material using numerous subheadings.
  • Subheadings are a great way to organise your material.


When it comes to timely information distribution, subheadings can be an extremely beneficial instrument.

  • Readers find it more interesting to read articles that are broken up into bite-sized chunks.
  • Check your grammar, this is crucial information! Nothing turns off a viewer faster than a work that is written incorrectly and has grammatical errors.
  • Proofread: As a good starting point, you should not solely rely on spell check for your proofreading.
  • Proofreading by reading aloud is a common practice. When you listen instead of reading, you’ll be able to hear the words. Your work must be error-free, regardless of how you check it.

Writing Articles To Increase Website Traffic


Nobody cares if you write the most groundbreaking post ever; if no one ever sees or reads it.

  1. Get your name and article out there for readers to find if you want to maximise your exThe more widely your post is shared, the better it will rank in search engines, thus this will help you build momentum.
  2. For your article to be effective, it needs to be more than just text. Look for as many different formats as you can.
  3. Focus on more than just writing and commenting in internet forums. If you want your articles to be a success, you should promote them as widely as possible.

Emailing The Website’s Administrators

Many publications distribute the material to their readers via email list. How can you bring your name in front of a huge audience more effectively? Simple, email the website’s administrators!

Top Must-Haves In Every SEO Article Writing


In today’s world of websites and internet-based businesses, articles have an incalculable value.


They have a significant impact on a website’s traffic and success.


A website’s profitability is dependent on its ability to attract and retain visitors through the effective use of social media.


To reap the benefits of articles, a website owner or operator must be foresighted enough to put articles on their site regularly and consistently.


Previous to the advent of search engine optimization, articles were believed to be the most important source of website traffic.


It is the articles on a website that determines where it appears on search engine results pages.


The greater the number of visitors a site receives, the greater the share of the pie it receives from the advertising industry.


More money may be made when there is a lot of traffic, and there are more options for making money.


Articles can be added to your site, but they have their own set of criteria. To get the most out of a post on your website, you need to include all of these factors:


  1. Look for specialised topics
  2. Create your ideal reader.
  3. Publish lengthy stuff.
  4. Increase the speed at which your page loads.
  5. Image optimization should be done.
  6. Increase the amount of time your reader spends on your pages.


If you write a well-crafted post, your readers will keep returning for more. They would also share your post with others.


What is A Blog Article

Keyword Rich Articles


Articles that are successful in converting your site into a money-making and traffic-generating machine must have great Keywords and Keyword Phrases in the post.


Your post’s primary focus should always be on the keywords and keyword phrases that you use.


When someone goes to your website, they aren’t just browsing; they have a specific goal in mind, to find what they’re looking for, they’ll often type the terms into a search engine (e.g. lose weight fast in 7 days, best exercise bike, best Tax Lawyer Etcetera). Make sure your article is answering the search intent.


The most important thing is that you have a piece of content with relevant keywords in it.


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Free Keyword Research Tools


Online resources can be used to find the most popular search terms and keywords.


If you’re stuck on what to write about or what keywords to utilise, there are free keyword research tools out there that can assist you such as H-Supertool.


If you want your website to get seen by search engines, you should focus on keywords or keyphrase related to your articles.


Using your keywords and keyword phrases to their fullest extent is vital. A high keyword density is required for a search engine to “sense” an article’s existence.


The term “density” is used to define how dense something is. To score highly in search engine results, articles should contain a keyword density of 2% to 10%. An article’s keyword density should fall somewhere in the middle, not on the high or low end. Readers and search engines may become disinterested in your content if it is overly dense with keywords.


Frequency is used to assess the number of times a word or phrase appears in an article’s text.


An Exceptional Article’s Headline Matters.


As previously mentioned, stuffing your post with keywords isn’t going to cut it. Keep an eye out for them because they make excellent reading material.


The goal of a well-written essay is to both entertain and educate the reader.  This is where a great eye-catching headline and title is important to get visitors to click and read your articles.


Writing great articles necessitates the use of proper language and spelling. Doing excellent work that is properly studied can help you gain the trust of people.


The majority of people place great importance on statistics and numbers.  Do your research, your best effort to amass as many pertinent facts as you can.


Creating an article that illustrates your expertise in a specific topic will help your audience.  As time goes on, more people will have faith in your talents and your abilities will grow in confidence in you.


With this, they’ll trust you and your products.


Free Keyword Research Tool

Link-Building With Articles


Another crucial consideration is when sending articles to article directories or ghostwriting on other publications, don’t forget to add a link to your website.


After you’ve submitted your content, be sure to include a little resource box with a brief description of your website and yourself.


If your posts are well-received, readers are more likely to return to your website.



Articles are an important part of many modern websites and online companies.  A website’s ability to attract and retain visitors is greatly influenced by its content and design.


You can turn any article into a marketing piece by following a simply following the guidelines outlined in this article.


One of the most efficient methods of converting your work into free advertising for your website is to simplify write great keyword-rich articles, relating to your company or website and make them publicly available for download and distribution.


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