Are You Using This Long Tail Keyword Traffic Strategy

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Long Tail Keyword Strategy


Do you want to get instant traffic and start making money online… in as short as the next 3 weeks? Choosing a quick-to-rank long-tail keyword traffic strategy will allow you to start getting traffic to generate revenue very quickly, instead of having to wait weeks and months to see results.


Quick-to-rank Long-tail Keyword is a HUGE traffic source that most people are missing out on, and you will learn how to “exploit” this hidden traffic goldmine today.



Long Tail Keyword



Quick-to-rank Long-tail Keyword is a HUGE traffic source that most people are missing out on, and you will learn how to “exploit” this hidden traffic goldmine today.


The most important thing in Search Engine Optimization (SEO ) is the ability to find and target the right keywords. Furthermore, backlinks and great content also add relevancy but before any of these can be achieved, you must choose a great keyword to target. 


Choosing a quick-to-rank long-tail keyword strategy will help you to generate instant traffic and revenue very quickly, instead of having to wait weeks and months to see results.


Long Tail Keyword Traffic Strategy

How do you choose the right keywords to target that will rank in the top ten of Google very quickly? One example is to use the numerous awesome longtail keyword tools to help you with your search. Here are five examples:

  1. Answer the Public
  2. Semrush
  3. KWFinder
  4. Wordtracker Keyword Tool
  5. Long Tail Pro. (You can try this with a $1 trial for 10 days)


How To Use Long-Tail Keyword Traffic Strategy: 

  • Firstly, you want to target keywords that are three, four or five words long.
  • Secondly, target keywords with at least 1,000 to 10,000 searches a month, more if you have a PR 2 or higher website.
  • Thirdly, do an exact match search for your keyword. This is done by putting your keyword in quotes, i.e. “this is my keyword.”  This will give you the exact number of competing websites.
  • Fourthly, aim for less than 50,000 competing websites.


Long-tail keywords normally have the best user intent are also some of the best types of keywords for bloggers to rank easily with. They are the best money-making keywords due to the huge buyer intent.


To target customers who want to buy iPhone cases in New York, your main keyword will be “iPhone Cases” and to create long-tail keywords, you would have to be more specific in your targeting and create some long-sized keywords. See what Google semantic thinks:


Long Tail Keywords


Did you see that?


See the same search done at BING:


 From BING


The idea behind a long tail keyword is to find keywords that are easy to rank on Google with.

“Buy iPhone Cases in New York”, is easier to target when compared to “iPhone Cases”…


ExampleBest Weight Loss Diet For Beach Body, Best WordPress themes for Bloggers, SEO Tips for Business Online.


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Buyer keywords are the most important keywords for advertisers, bloggers, and affiliate marketers.

These are the keywords that bring sales. Anyone searching for these keywords is a buyer with their Credit Card ready to buy, so these keywords can help you to make more money online.


ExampleHosting Coupon CodeGoDaddy Coupons, iPhone 6S Discount etc.




Here are three types of buyer keywords:


a). Informational keywords


These are the problem-oriented keywords. People searching for these keywords need to solve problem pain. They use informational keywords to find solutions.


Example: How To Lose Belly Fat, How To Install WordPress Plugins, How to improve memory.


b). Navigational keywords


When you have people who are aware of a particular product and have some knowledge about it snd still want more information tends to use these types of keywords.


Long Tail Keyword Strategy


Example: iPhone 11 Review, REVERSE Type 2 Diabetes,


c). Transactional keywords


Transactional keywords have buyer intent. They are the final buying decision keywords in this funnel.


Whenever a person searches at Google or Bing for these phrases they are in the buyer frame of mind: “Where to buy iPhone 11,”  or “Cheap WordPress themes for Blogging,” they are in the buying phase.


These keywords are very important to “make money with affiliate marketing” and are often the most expensive keywords to run on Google Ads.


Evaluating the Top Five: 


  • Your primary aim is to get into the top five places as quickly as possible by using the quick-to-rank keyword strategy. There’s so little traffic below Page 1 of Google that it’s not worth aiming for it.
  • The weaker the top five, the better your chances of ranking for those quick-to-rank keywords.
  • In the first instance, evaluate whether the top five are deliberately ranking for the same keyword you’re targeting. If they are ranking by accident, it will be much easier to outrank them.
  • Do they have the keyword you’re targeting in their title tag?
  • Is the keyword in their meta keyword tags? If they have then your job is not going to be easy.
  • How many backlinks does your competition have? Use a backlink finder to find out competitors’ positions.
  • Measure your competitor’s PageRank by using a PageRank checker. Then look at the domain age and the number of pages on their sites.
  • The easiest keywords to rank for will have competitors that are not specifically targeting the keywords that you are after, that do not have many backlinks, and have low PageRank and/or low domain age. Hard to rank for keywords that will have just the opposite of this.


Try to Find Keywords without the Root: 

  • Most keywords that contain the “root” keyword will have a lot more competition than those that don’t. For example, if you’re in the weight loss niche, keywords like “best weight loss diet” or “low carb diet” or “six-pack abs diet” are going to be highly competitive.
  • On the other hand, keywords that don’t have the word “diet” in them will have much less competition. For example, “get a 26-inch waist in 3 weeks” will be much easier to rank for.


Use these quick-to-rank keywords techniques in your business and blog to create a solid strategy for finding quick-to-rank long-tail keywords that you can rank for within three to twelve weeks.


Long Tail Keyword Traffic Strategy

Long Tail Keywords
Long Keyword Traffic Strategy

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