What is Internet Marketing and How to do it Online

Internet marketing

What is Online Marketing   What is an internet marketing and how to do it online?  It can be difficult to differentiate between short-term gains and long-term strategies, but if done correctly, internet marketing will ensure that your company reaches the right audience among the vast number of people online.   We all dream of … Read more

15 Digital Marketing Myths About Marketing On The Internet

Marketing On The Internet

Marketing On The Internet   Let’s take a look at closer look at some of the more common digital marketing myths about marketing on the internet:   1. You will get rich quick. Marketing on the internet takes a lot of work. This is not a get rich quick scheme. It takes much time learning … Read more

How To Become A Successful Entrepreneur Online

Can Anybody Be An Internet Entrepreneur?   For motivated and ambitious businesses, the internet offers numerous fascinating and rewarding options. Anyone may become an internet entrepreneur. You can be a seasoned businessman, a stay-at-home mum, a college student, or someone who works two full-time jobs. An internet entrepreneur could have merely a high school diploma … Read more

Local Internet Marketing: How To Drive Customers Like A Magnet

What is Local Internet Marketing?   Essentially, it is internet marketing for local businesses. Because it is so affordable, it is flexible and a great tool for small businesses. Consumers use the internet to find local businesses in 85 per cent of cases. It is a fact that consumers only contact businesses on the first … Read more

9 Ways To Get More Targeted Traffic To Your Website

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Targeted Traffic To Your Website   If your website traffic has suddenly come to a stand-still, you may need to give your site a marketing jump start. These 9 ways to get more targeted traffic to your website can be applied to any site but it’s even more relevant to an information marketing site or … Read more

How To Choose The Right Internet Marketing Coach

Internet Marketing Coach

Internet Marketing Coach   Why use an Internet Marketing Coach? Take a good look at the high achievers in the world today. Think about the pro athletes, big-time executives, movie stars, and successful entrepreneurs. What do they all have in common? Drive certainly, ambition undoubtedly, and obviously some type of specialized skill. You can also … Read more

Advantages of Internet Marketing

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Internet Marketing   The industry for Internet Marketing is booming! For the first time ever in human history, the advantages of internet marketing has leveled the playing field and made it feasible for ordinary folks to connect electronically and make money online.   The advantages of internet marketing it’s about marketing and promoting your business … Read more

Best Web Hosting Services For Internet Marketers

Web Hosting Service

Web Hosting Services   Anybody researching the internet for web hosting for internet marketers will find an abundance of hosting providers to choose from.  You will also find a multitude of plans available and the majority of providers will offer many of the same plan features.  However, there are some hosting companies that offer additional … Read more

5 Customer Service Strategy For Customer Retention

customer retention

Here is the basic rule of every business: you have to sell things to earn money. Salesmanship, or the art of closing sales therefore, is of ultimate importance for any business venture. After all, we can’t expect any earnings if we don’t make any sales.   Winning customers is essential for the success of your … Read more

5 Tools To Check For Google Keyword Ranking Position

check position on google

Update: 08/12/2022 Google Keyword Rank Checker   A key advocate of Search Engine Optimization is the correct keyword to allow you to rank highly on the search engines.  To check for Google keyword ranking position, you must first select the correct keyword to target, and then write a compelling article to target that keyword.  Many … Read more

Passive Income On The Internet

Passive Income Online

Linear Vs. Passive Income: Why You Will Never Get Rich Unless You Do This to Make Money Online By Niko Kiris      You may be wondering what are ways to make money online and how to get rich with forms of passive income? Or even if there is an “easy passive income” to be made … Read more

How to Survive and Thrive Your Business Online

How to survive and thrive

Business Online   A Successful business online is not about having the best technology or being the smartest or even about having the best customer service (although none of these would not go amiss). It is about how to survive and thrive your business online.   More than ever, success is now measured in speed. … Read more