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9 Ways To Get More Targeted Traffic To Your Website

9 Ways To Get More Targeted Traffic To Your Website 3

Targeted Traffic To Your Website


If your website traffic has suddenly come to a stand-still, you may need to give your site a marketing jump start. These 9 ways to get more targeted traffic to your website can be applied to any site but it’s even more relevant to an information marketing sites.


Here are a few 9 ways to get your traffic flowing again.


 1. Buy hits for your website.


You can pay for a targeted traffic to your website in a form of hits to your website. You can do what is called pay per click advertising. This is where you pay search engines every time someone clicks on your link for your website. A great advantage to this is that, it almost instantly gets your visitors.

Google Ads are great for getting targeted traffic to your website.  Another option is Facebook ads.  You can also fine tune your visitors with Facebook re-targeting ads.  Promoted pins at Pinterest is a great favourite as it generate more taffic over a longer period than Facebook and Google Ads.


Targeted Traffic


2. Send promotional Email to a list.


You can also send out a promotional email to your opt-in email list.   You SHOULD create an email optin list if you have not already done so by offering free reports or courses to your visitors.   This means that everytime a visitor agree to register they are added your list. Then you can send them mass emails, newsletters, or other forms of digital communication you have created


3. Pay Your Competition to promote your List


Pay your competition a flat fee to email your promotional offer to their lists. This is a great way to build relationships with your competitors.


4. Joint Venture


You can do what is referred to as a Joint Venture. This is when you pay someone a commission on sales when they email your promotional offer to their email lists.  Wikipedia define joint venture as “a business entity created by two or more parties, generally characterized by shared ownership, shared returns and risks, and shared governance.”


5. Pay For Advertising


You can pay for advertising on someone else’s website by paying a flat fee up front to put an ad, banner or link on the site.


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6. Pay For Banner Ads


You can pay for advertising by offering a commission to your competition or anyone on sales when they put your ad, banner or link on their site. The purpose of this form of advertisement is to promote a brand.


Targeted Traffic


7. Submit Your Website to Search Engines


You can submit your website to search engines with your keywords and website description.  This submittion on Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex allow these search engines to recognize you website.


8. Submit Your URL To Other Websites


You can submit your link to other websites, and in return, add them to yours.  You can use Pin-o-matic or pingmylinks to submit you domain url to other directories.


9. WriteA Free Report Or A Course For A Giveaway


You can write a free report or course to give away to other websites in your market and allow them to put an affiliate link inside (so they have an incentive to give it away), and give that away for free. If it’s good information, it will spread like a virus. This marketing concept is known as viral marketing?


These 9 ways to get more targeted traffic should give you some good ideas to get more visitors, and maybe even spark some viral contents of your own!


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