Money Making Method That Never Fails

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Money Making Method That Never Fails


Marketers have used this technique for years to make a nice little side income, and you can do this as often as you like, too.  All you do is register promising sounding domain names or snap up existing domains when they’re dropped, using one of the expired domain tools.


The trick is to offer them to your own list. Don’t try to sell them on Sedo or GoDaddy because you probably won’t do all that well.  But if you offer then to your list, or even run a WSO for them, you should do fine.



Let your readers know these are domains you’d planned to develop yourself, but now you’ve decided to sell them instead. And YOU set the prices.


You can use a domain valuation tool, or just decide on values yourself. Set them at different prices, based on how valuable you think they might be. Your readers will seldom try to negotiate, but if they do, that’s fine.


A domain is worth exactly what someone is willing to pay for it. And the beauty is, scarcity is built right in. After all, there is only one of each, period. So selling them is pretty easy.


Money Making Method


You can buy aged domains for $10 when they’re dropped, and sell them for hundreds of dollars.  The trick is to sell them to your list or in a place like the Warrior forum.


Choose domain in all kinds of niches, not just Internet marketing.


Just about everyone will read a list of domain names to see if there’s something in there they want. Buying domains is often an impulse purchase, and marketers just can’t help themselves.


Here is a domain valuation tool that is free at Godaddy Appraisal.


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Just keep in mind that these tools are only guessing. Frankly, your guess might be better than theirs, since you know your list and what they might pay. When you email your list, let them know the email is going out to thousands of readers so they know they better be quick. First come, first served.


You might also make suggestions for the types of websites that could be built on each domain. Not everyone has the imagination or business acumen to figure out how to use them.  You can either send out one big list of domains a few times a year, or send out smaller lists more often.


If you’re only offering, say, 5 domains at one time, you can write a good paragraph or two on how each might be used, what similar domains have sold for and whatever you think will help sell them.  Or take the easy route and just make a list and get it out there.  And don’t be afraid to ask for premium prices, either. You might be surprised at how much people are willing to pay for a domain they just have to have.


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I once paid $800 for domain that I know wasn’t worth more than $50, but I really wanted it and I was thrilled to get it.


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