November 29, 2023
Pinterest Strategy
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What Is Pinterest Strategy?


Pinterest is one of the most visited websites on the web, with millions of visitors per day.  Its users invest a considerable amount of time to pinning new items, organising their boards, and exploring new content.


In 2023, bloggers and businesses must have a well-defined Pinterest strategy to capitalise on these audiences and increase traffic through Pinterest.


Not only that but Pinterest is one of the most effective websites for converting visitors into consumers. Take a look at these stats at


Statista stated in their research in October 2021 that “over 77 percent of Pinterest audiences were female and nearly 15 percent were male. The gender of 8.4 percent of users, is unspecified. As of the third quarter of 2021, Pinterest had 444 million monthly active users worldwide”.   Take a look at more stats are


Some marketers wrongly believe that Pinterest is primarily used by women, but the fact is that men account for a sizable portion of the site’s visitors, and they are just as content-hungry as women. Therefore you would be hurting your website traffic if you do not include men in your Pinterest Strategy for this year.


The site also includes a fair mix of people of all ages. Your demographic is likely represented on the list.


What Is Pinterest used for? 


Let’s clarify what the site is and what it is used for in case you haven’t heard of it or haven’t used it before.  Pinterest functions similarly to a virtual corkboard. You’ve most likely seen these in schools, offices, or even some homes.


If you haven’t seen one before, they’re often framed squares of cork on which you can fasten items like notes and images with push pins or thumbtacks to plan or remind yourself of things.


Pinterest Strategy


You create “boards,” which are similar to folders on a computer, and then “pin” photographs or movies to those boards (which can link to other websites), which may have linked to other websites.


You may, for example, create a “Recipes” board on which you can pin photos of various cuisines for which you’d like to try the recipes.


When you browse through your board, you can see all of those photos at a glance, which can help you decide quickly which one you’d like to try at any given moment.


Pinterest can be thought of as a visual bookmarking system and it is also classified as a visual search engine similar to Google.


Have you ever had to wade through hundreds or even thousands of bookmarks with nothing to assist you but the page names? it can be a savage slaughter.  However, with Pinterest, your bookmarks are represented by photos on Pinterest, and things are made easier!  It’s sheer genius when you think about it, and users adore it.


Pinterest Board

Pinterest Strategy: Getting Started


Getting started with the Pinterest strategy initially might be challenging for newcomers. However, it’s fairly simple to use in terms of basic functionality, but most people get it wrong when it comes to marketing using Pinterest.


To have an effective Pinterest strategy, it is vital to building your profile effectively to gain followers and avoid scaring people away. You’ll have a hard time gaining followers who aren’t spammers if you don’t get this properly.


Creating a Profile


Here’s what you’ll need to create an effective profile:


Profile Picture


This should be either a photo of yourself or your company’s emblem.
Your name should not make you sound like a spammer. It should be either your real name, a pen name or the name of your company or website, with a few keywords thrown in for good measure.


When people are looking for someone to follow on Pinterest, keywords in your name can help them find you!


You might use a phrase like:’s,  Janette Jones is a food blogger. Website for Recipes.


Verified Website 


If you have a website or blog, make sure to add it to Pinterest’s list of verified websites. This will assist you in setting up Rich Pins (very important for maximising traffic). This will offer you a validated icon, which will greatly improve your image.


Content Is King

About Me


This is a nice spot to throw in a few keywords, but make sure they make sense in your overall Pinterest strategy.


Keep the following two essential principles in mind when you design your profile:


  1. First, do you use keywords in each element of your profile? Keywords are really important.
  2. Second, do you think you’d be interested in following your profile?


If not, address any issues that you believe are causing you to avoid your profile.


Always make it appear as if you’re a regular Pinterest user or a company. (Yes, people WILL follow bloggers, businesses, and other entities). If a user senses even the tiniest suggestion of a spammer, they will not follow you.


Your First Boards 


After you’ve set up your profile, you’ll want to build a few boards to use to attract followers.


If you want to get a lot of followers quickly, it’s crucial to put up these first few boards well, because they’ll represent you to potential followers, and they’ll also be the basis for certain key algorithms.


Here are some tips for making your first boards:


Cover Image

Always make the cover image for each board the most appealing image you’ve pinned to that board.  The cover image will be set to the first one you pin by Pinterest, but you may change it by going to the board, clicking “Edit Board,” and then clicking the “Change” button beside Cover.  Then navigate using the arrows until you find the one you wish to utilise.


Board Keywords

Use keywords in your board names because this is one of the most effective ways to be discovered on Pinterest.  Some people simply follow certain boards, not full profiles, thus you want those boards to be easy to locate!


Simply enter your board’s name to get an idea of what to call it.  To see what shows up, type your core topic into Pinterest’s search box. If you’re making a board with articles about blogging, for example, type “blogging” into the search box. This will result in phrases like “blogging tips” and “blogging for beginners.”


Killer Content

Pin only the most interesting, re-pinnable content to your first boards, since the Pinterest algorithm will show your profile to more people based on how many of your pins are re-pinned.


If you pin a bunch of stuff without considering how many people might re-pin it, you’re shooting yourself in the foot.  Always double-check each thing you pin to see how many other people have seen it.  Also, look at “repinned it”. This is a good indicator of whether they will re-pin it when you post it.


How To Grow Your Traffic With Pinterest


Check Links Before Pinning


Always check links before pinning content, because spammers frequently change the URL of a popular image to redirect to a spam page.  If you do this, you will not only turn off potential followers, but you may also risk having your account associated with spam.


Simply click the image to examine the link before pinning it to ensure it connects to the correct destination.


Pin Other People’s Content


DO NOT ONLY PIN YOUR CONTENT, Pin others too.  If you only pin your own Pin, it will irritate individuals and make it tough for you to gain followers.  They’ll mistake you for a spammer.


Instead, submit 50% to 80% of your stuff and the rest should be other people’s content.  Keep in mind that your work may not get re-pinned as frequently, so you may want to start by focusing only on other people’s content.


Pinterest Pins


Adding Pins 


When it comes to pinning your content on Pinterest, there are a few options. If you use WordPress, you can easily install a plugin to add a Pinterest share button to your site.


Pinterest also has an image share plugin that will add Pinterest share buttons directly to your images, allowing you to select a specific image to pin with a single click.  If you are not a WordPress user, you can install the Pinterest browser plugin.


This will add a button to your browser that will allow you to pin any URL to Pinterest right away, even if it doesn’t have a plugin installed.


Finally, navigate to the board where you want to pin your article and click the large “Add a Pin” icon.


Simply select “The Web” from the drop-down menu, put in your URL, and follow the on-screen instructions.


When To Pin


As you may be attracting individuals from all over the world in different ways, it’s a good idea to pin material at different times during the day when your audience is on Pinterest.


You should pin the majority of your stuff between the hours of four and ten p.m. (Eastern Time) because it appears to be when most users are online, but pin a few things at odd hours to catch the attention of users all over the world.


To schedule your pins at specified times, you can use a scheduling application like Tailwind. You won’t have to be present to ensure that you’re pinning information consistently in different time zones.


Tailwind also provides you with some really useful information about which of your pins is receiving the most re-pins, allowing you to eliminate those that aren’t performing and improve the power of your profile.


If you only have one Pinterest account, it’s reasonable, but because you have to pay for each new account, it may be fairly costly if you have a lot of them.


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Optimizing Pins 

To be truly successful on Pinterest, simply pinning material isn’t enough.  It’s also crucial to ensure that all of the information you pin is optimised for the Pinterest search engine so that it’s easy to locate.



Many users make the mistake of selecting an image at random for their pin, which is a tremendous mistake.


The image is the most crucial aspect of a pin because it is what will ultimately drive people to notice it, click on it, and possibly re-pin it.  Make certain you choose the perfect image to represent your pin.



The second major blunder individuals make when pinning information is leaving the description blank or merely adding a few words, such as “pizza recipe.”


Don’t forget to include a description!


Always write a detailed, keyword-rich description that will assist users in finding your pin and encourage them to visit it.  Make sure your major keyword appears first, as keywords that come first are given the most weight.


Here’s an illustration:

Pinterest OrganicPizza Recipe – The best organic pizza recipe in the world, complete with homemade pizza crust, homemade pizza sauce, and step-by-step instructions with photos!


Hash Tags 

For those who aren’t familiar with social media, hashtags are keywords that have a #sign in front of them.  They appear as follows: #food #recipe #pizza


They can be utilised on Pinterest, but they aren’t as useful as they may be because their algorithm doesn’t recognise them as well as it does on other social media sites.


Some users may use hashtags in their descriptions, but they aren’t required and may make it more difficult for people to find your pins.


Only use a hashtag in a pin description if it’s a very popular, trending hashtag that you think people will be looking for.  Use the term without the hashtag if you don’t want to use the hashtag.


Gaining Followers 

Everyone wants to know how to obtain more Pinterest followers, and it’s not a simple effort. You won’t obtain thousands of followers overnight unless you’re struck by lightning, but you can do it in a matter of weeks.


Of course, the first thing you should do is follow the directions for creating a profile and a few boards. Add a few fascinating pins to each board so that others can see what kind of stuff you’ll be pinning and that you’re not a spammer.


Once you’ve finished your profile and created some interesting boards, you’re ready to go. Start by identifying and adding some significant people in the same niche as you.


All you have to do now is follow their instructions.


Just make sure you look over their profile to make sure they aren’t a spammer.  If you follow a lot of spammers, it will be difficult for you to gain followers or gain access to group boards (which we will discuss later).


You can only follow a specific amount of people on Pinterest each day.


To avoid triggering a warning, it’s a good idea to add roughly twenty people at a time, waiting a few hours between each batch.  You won’t be banned, but you won’t be allowed to contribute anymore.


Pinterest keywords


Finding Follower on Pinterest

The simplest way to find people to follow on Pinterest is to search for your term and then press the enter key.  Then, from the drop-down option, choose “Pinners.”


Pinterest’s Influence

This will display a list of pinners Pinterest considers to be the most related to the keyword you entered.  You might want to start by following a few of them at a time.  Some will return your greetings, but all of them don’t need to do so.


The true power comes from their supporters discovering you among them.  As a result, it’s a good idea to make sure you’re following all of the most famous and well-known companies in your industry.


If you’re an internet marketing blogger, for example, make sure you follow all of the best online marketers, because anyone looking for people to follow will find you if they check their list of followers.


Another tip is to go over your list every few weeks and unfollow and refollow those power users who are on your list. Why? Because it maintains you at the top of their followers’ list, guaranteeing that more new users find you regularly!


Simply follow them back if you gain new followers.  That’s a quick and easy technique to get your profile in front of as many people as possible.  But be cautious!


Many of the individuals who follow you will be spammers, and spammers are the last people you want to follow!


Power User Tips 

Now that we’ve covered the fundamentals, let’s move on to some actionable advice that can help you achieve Pinterest success!


One thing to keep in mind is that text generates more clicks and re-pins than photos alone.  As a result, adding text to all of the photographs you pin for your content is a fantastic idea.


Check out some of the most popular pins at any given time to get an idea of how to best position text on your photographs.


Make sure you pick bright colours that stand out! Colourful writing on a white backdrop, or lighter lettering on a colourful background, can be quite eye-catching.


Taller images always do better on Pinterest since they take up a lot more page real estate than wide images.  The suggested image size for Pinterest used to be 735×1100.


As of now, the recommended image size for Pinterest is now 1000×1500. The width of this image is 1000 pixels, and the height is 1500 pixels.


Guest Boards 


Guest boards are a fantastic way to broaden your reach on Pinterest, and you should apply to as many high-quality boards in your field as possible.

Guest boards are pinboards that are moderated by a single user but to which several accounts contribute.


You can make your guest board by inviting others to contribute, but the most effective aspect of guest boards is getting requested to contribute to popular ones.  Pin Groupie is a fantastic resource for finding group boards to post to.  You can look for things by category, keyword, and so on.


Different group boards have different rules and methods for becoming invited, but the vast majority will teach you the basics right away.  Make sure you’re following the board’s owner before seeking to be added as a contributor!




If you follow the tactics and ideas in this article, you’ll be well on your way to obtaining a lot of traffic from Pinterest in no time.


Always remember to pin just the most important information, double-check each pin before adding it to ensure it gets to the correct site, and never, ever follow spammers.


Invest a little more time to maintain your profile up to date.  Maintaining a spam-free account will help you earn a lot more followers.  Also, take a look at the Group boards.


Pining your pins on Group boards can reach a far larger audience than pinning on your account, so take advantage of them as much as possible!


Simply follow the criteria set forth by each group board to the letter.  You don’t want your ability to publish there to be taken away from you, do you?


Best of luck in your Pinterest marketing endeavours.  Hope you found this information useful and that you’ll use it to start expanding your Pinterest following right away!