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Making Blender Smoothies

smoothie blender

Blender Smoothies


Blender smoothies are easy smoothies – you just put all ingredients in a blender, push a button to process, and pour to enjoy. It’s so simple, so efficient and so nutritious that all people should make it a daily habit.


A kitchen blender is a tool that is more often than not overlooked; in reality, a blender is a high powered tool. Not only does it make smoothies, but it can process other foods as well, like pureeing baby foods or making desserts or preparing soups recipes or making juices of some fruits.


In relation to smoothies, a normal kitchen blender is a versatile tool that transforms fresh fruit into something easily digestible and drinkable with just the slightest touch or flick of a button.


A stainless steel blender body (or carafe) maintains the temperature of the liquid so this is perfect for making smoothies. However, a glass carafe albeit heavy will be able to resist scratches better. The top of your blender should have a spout and a top that can be opened at least partially to add more ingredients while blending. These should be at the top of your list when considering a blender for smoothie use.


To make smoothies, you should also take into account the ingredients you will be using. Most smoothies use either fruits (most common ones are bananas, strawberries, blueberries, mangoes or raspberries) or vegetables (even broccoli, cauliflower florets, and spinach are used) with its liquid form either as is or as a combination of water, juice, yogurt or milk.


Blender for Smoothies


Mothers usually use blender smoothies to “lure” their children into drinking vegetable smoothies, sometimes without the children knowing that they are actually ingesting nutritious leafy greens.


Blender smoothies work for dieters too, and even body builders. Protein can work their way into the system via smoothies – nothing that a little whey or protein powder won’t do. Some healthy conscious people drink smoothies with either artificial sweeteners or honey instead of the usual table sugar.


For people who are having difficulty in eating, smoothies are also a good way to get them to eat something nutritious. Aside from the right equipment, having a smoothie recipe book is also a good way to explore the many kinds of healthy smoothies that are out there.


Most recipe books these days are classified according to the health goals that they intend to achieve, such as for dieting, for an energy boost, or for meal replacements. They make it really easy for us to have a variety of recipes to achieve our own goals. All in all, smoothies are easy to make and good for you. So start a daily smoothie habit today!


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