November 29, 2023
Content Consumption: How To Boost Your Audience By 200%
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Content Consumption

Content marketing is the process of creating and distributing high-quality content to attract, engage, and convert leads and customers. It is the key to success for any business, big or small. In order to create valuable content that will resonate with your audience and help you achieve your business goals, you will need to utilise these 7 Ways To Increase Consumption of Your Content.


Before you start creating content, you’ve got to know your audience’s media consumption habits, it’s important to understand who you’re writing for and what their interests are. Once you have a good idea of who you’re writing for, it will be easier to create content that is relevant and engaging.


On the 20th of September 2022, Google confirmed the rollout of a new product review algorithm update, which was completed on the 26th of September 2022.  Although they did not provide site owners with specific advice for this update, they did share a post on product review updates for more information. 


Given Google’s recent crackdowns, the consensus is that high-quality content is more important than ever as it is now widely acknowledged within the marketing community.  However, this piece of advice appears to have a “build it right and they will come” ring to it, and we all know that things don’t work that way.


Content Consumption

How To Improve Content Marketing

People must consume quality content before it can become they take action, so here are the 7 actions you can do to encourage higher content consumption. 


1. Create Content in more than one format


Our preferences for media also vary since everyone learns and assimilates information differently. Not everybody enjoys reading. Translation of your content into audio, video, text, slides, infographics and image-based quotes is therefore advised. 

The benefit of doing so is that you now have material to distribute your content on additional platforms such as SlideShare, YouTube, iTunes, Pinterest, other people’s blogs, and others. 


2. Make it simpler for them to consume on their preferred device.


It isn’t always enough to produce your information in a range of formats. To start, it must be easy, audio and video files should play with just one click. PDF files shouldn’t be zipped, because they can’t merely click and read, people take more time as a result.  It can be annoying, especially if the report is brief. 


3. Highlight the best parts


Every piece of content contains some key points. Take them out, email them to newsletter subscribers, and provide a link to the rest of the meat. This is an extremely effective strategy for both free and paid information, and it works.


Repeat this on social media as well, because you never know who reads your content. You can even do this with previous content. 


4. Encourage conversation


People must read your content to respond to questions you pose about it, much like the method described above. Thoughtfully phrase your question, such as, “What do you think about the first tip? Do you regularly use it?


If you haven’t been paying attention, you should read the first point again so you can respond thoughtfully. Don’t just make a blog post inquiry. Ask your followers on social media and in your newsletter occasionally, “Hey, can I get your comments on this post?” 


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5. Keep it short and on point

Just use enough words to get your point across. 


6. Keep it brief and to the point.


It should be promoted.  Email it, and share it, not just once, but several times, using different words, and angles, across different networks, and over time. 


7. Link to previous content


Finally, it is not always about new content. By linking within the article or highlighting quality posts, you can draw people deeper into your old content and related areas.


Content Consumption Trends


What type of content is most popular?

According to the data, the most popular type of content consumes by the public is videos. Videos are the most widely consumed form of content (55 percent), followed by social media posts (52%), news articles (49%), and research content (49%). (47 percent).


What types of social media content do people like to consume?

Written Content especially text-heavy posts, according to more than 30% of marketers, generate the most user engagement. This is why text posts are so important. Consumers are information addicts, and more than half of them use social media to learn about upcoming services and products as well as industry news.

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What kinds of content increase engagement?


These are the most engaging content formats to increase your return on marketing investment:

  • Video.
  • Blog Posts.
  • Long-Form Articles.
  • Original Research.
  • Case Studies.
  • Infographics.
  • Images.
  • White Papers/Reports.

What factors influence consumer behaviour?


Employment, wages, prices/inflation, interest rates, and consumer confidence are the economic factors that have the greatest impact on consumer goods demand.


What are the 3 components of content strategy?

According to industry experts, the 3 components of an effective content strategy must have these three core elements to be successful: brand focus, user experience, and content distribution


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What factors contribute to the best content?

The factors that contribute to the best content must include original content that is actionable and answers a question. It has to be correctly formatted, properly referenced, original, succinct, and grammatically sound.


Create content using this technique to get more likes, shares, and high rankings on popular search engines.