Amazon is the biggest and most popular ecommerce website in the world.  Millions of people shop on the site every day, and it’s been estimated by Quantcast that over 71,000,000 people visit the website each month.


A day after the announcement that Amazon is Buying Whole Foods for $13.7 Billion, Amazon is unlike most other ecommerce websites, in that it is not self-contained. Many of  the products sold through their website are sold by other companies and individuals, making it an incredible opportunity to reach a built-in audience that shops there religiously.


Amazon has accomplished such a vast marketplace in one way through their Amazon Prime program. This program allows people to get greatly reduced 2-day and overnight shipping on many items on the Amazon website for a yearly fee. The ability to get inexpensive shipping, and the fact that people have already paid money for the Prime annual fee, means some of those customers shop almost exclusively at Amazon.


If you’d like to learn how you can access these millions of passionate shoppers, read on. In this inforgraphic, you’re will to learn about  the future of Amazon FBA, and how it can make you big money without a lot of upfront investment.

Infographic Cropped

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