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11 Top Lifestyle tips for extended life

healthy life

Introducing healthy lifestyle behaviour and these 11 top lifestyle tips for extended life into your daily routine does not have to be an enormous steps. Each small step can ultimately lead to lasting and substantial outcomes and an extended and more enjoyable lifestyle.


Here are 11 ways that you can make small adjustments that can lead to a more healthy and healthier lifestyle.


  1. Simple 20 minutes of walking twice every week
  2. Cardio-friendly oils in your diet
  3. Snacks and replace with fresh and dried fruits.
  4. Learn portion control
  5. Futures proof your bones
  6. At least one serving of vegetables every day
  7. Get your fair share of vitamins, minerals and fibre
  8. Drink at least 1.5 litres of fluid a day
  9. Reduce Salt
  10. Avoid Sugar at all cost
  11. Go Organic.


Healthy Lifestyle Tips


11 Top Lifestyle tips


  1. You don’t need to be at a gymnasium to get your daily physical activity routine. Begin by adding simple 20 minutes of walking twice every week to reinforce your mood and your fitness regimes. You don’t need to go outdoor in the cold to work out, you can choose to work out in private, try yoga or Pilates DVD. By getting up half of an hour earlier than usual you can start your day with a peaceful thought and flexible body. A leisurely walk in the park will fill your lungs with much needed oxugen


  1. Decide to include more cardio-friendly oils in your diet. These include mono- and poly- unsaturated fats, for example, flaxseed oil, olive oil, sesame and natural coconut oils all contain heart-healthy and protective factors to prevent getting old and decrease inflammation. As a substitute, you may swap the butter in your breakfast toast for hummus and you can snack on seeds and nuts.


  1. Empty your kitchen cupboards of unhealthy snacks and replace with fresh and dried fruits. Keep unsalted seeds and nuts handy to prevent reaching for something that is processed or manufactured with trans-fats.


  1. Learn portion control. Small meals improve your digestion and metabolism. try eating until your belly is 75% full as an alternative. include lean protein, greens, fruit and carbohydrate for your everyday consumption.


  1. Futures proof your bones by including as a minimum one calcium-rich food to your food plan every day. Low-fat yoghurts, leafy vegetables or salmon are all exceptional resources of calcium and may prevent the onset of osteoporosis, as can gentle exercising such as Pilates or yoga.


11 Top Lifestyle tips for extended life 3


  1. Green vegetables have antioxidant power, include at least one serving of vegetables every day. This might be one cup of green beans or broccoli. try a watercress sandwich or even steaming broccoli and including olive oil with a sprinkle of sesame seeds. The Early summer season brings a greater diversity of green produce to the marketplace.


  1. To get your fair share of vitamins, minerals and fibre you should eat at least 5 servings of fruit at veg a day. For instance, a glass of fresh fruit juice for breakfast, an apple and a slice of watermelon as snacks, and then top it up with a large portion of a variety vegetables at each meal.


  1. You need to drink at least 1.5 litres of fluid a day! Increase your intake when it is hot or  when are doing physically activities. As well as ordinary water,  plain or flavoured water, low sugar fruit juices, tea and milk are all okay every now and then.


  1. Reduce Salt whenever possible.  A high salt intake can result in high blood pressure and increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. There are different ways to reduce salt in the diet:
  • Choose whatever you eat properly with lower sodium content.
  • When cooking, use spices instead of salt to flavour your dish.
  • When eating, do not add salt before tasting.


  1. Avoid Sugar at all cost, especially sugary foods and drinks that are rich in energy. Use fruits instead, even to sweeten your foods and drinks.


  1. Go Organic. If you can afford it, go organic.  Organic food is grown without pesticides or   chemical  fertilizers.  It is free from genetically modified organisms that is processed using large scale industrial solvents and harmful chemical food additives.  Most importantly organic food taste far better than non-organic fruit and veg.

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